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Aitium AI

Aitium AI is a generative AI content creation and business ready API platform. It allows businesses to seamlessly integrate gen API for dynamic online content creation. Along with business ready APIs, the platform also offers subscription model for individual users to utilise 150+ content templates ranging from marketing, ecommerce, product, education, sales, health, HR, and more.

Our team at whitechalk designed and developed a new web app for Aitium AI to encompass the needs of its users. The main challenge was to ready the gen AI templates that are able to provide accurate and cohesive information rather than GPT kind of content.

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Our team spent over 4 months building the product. We kicked off with an extensive discovery phase, conducting in-depth market research and analyzing industry trends to pinpoint opportunities for growth and differentiation. The goal was to design a seamless user experience and code a platform that aligns with the product's users requirements and can be scaled when needed.

We heavily trained with specific data sets to enable the platform for better outputs for every particular use case.


On the top of our research we started our wireframe feature by feature. Upon finalizing the wireframe we picked up the UI/UX design of the product and finished the design utlizing the design principles.

We started writing the backend simultaneously while we were in the process of product design. After the final version of the product design we started the development by adopting the agile approach. The data sets training process continued simultaenously. Apart from the development of the platform we integrated stripe for easy payments process.

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By establishing various industry use cases at the core we built the product in 5 months. The final platforms looks intuitive and focuses on easy access to content generation templates for individual users who can use it via monthly & yearly subscriptions as well as for businesses looking to integrate APIs in their own system. The platforms also offers the option to enquire for unique use cases which are not available on the platform.


Client comments

Working with the Whitechalk team has been a pleasure from the start. They very well understood the constraints of the project and the kind of product we wanted to build. Thank you!

Rahul Kumar

Co-Founder, Aitium AI

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